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at the cape

Nov. 22., 2005 | 10:17 pm

si. i'm in cape town this very moment. how cool is that? another country and continent to put on my list (yes, i keep track of it!). i feel so great down here. or, not cold that would be. i have yet to see lions and elephants but i've seen so many great things instead - even the mærsk terminal (the reason why we got the scholarship). but enough about that, i have a lot of other things on my mind. like that all the chocolate chip cookies i brought with me down here are all gone, as in has been eaten. which means i'm slowly turning into anorexia mode. the food down here sucks.

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the impossible task is completed

Nov. 17., 2005 | 12:12 am
mood: relievedrelieved

yes. i finally got my mother a present for her 50th birthday, which is tomorrow. or well, today that would be.

yes, that is the god-awful thing i got for her. the vest. but in pink. it's from the infamous , or not , german brand golfino. and it was all too expensive. well, i know she's going to love it and i suppose that is the most important thing. as long as i don't have to wear i'll be fine with it.

but i should get some sleep. we have our annual prom tomorrow night and one wouldn't want dark circles under the eyes, right? plus i have some thinking to do. i'm not the kind of girl who runs out to buy a new dress for thousands of kroners. i have tried to avoid actually thinking about what to wear and now i guess would be a perfect time. the only thing worse than the dark circles would to be outdressed by a freshman. goodnight.

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Nov. 2., 2005 | 02:51 pm
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: swan lee / dream away

on my list of things to do:

make a wish list.

find shoes for winter that are bearable to look at.

learn more about neorealism.

read all the virgina woolf books i just lent at the library. (probably not going to happen).

find a good alternative to diet coke.

learn spanish. (in theory not going to happen either).

find out in which order these three things should be done: 1. brush teeth 2. drink sherry 3. go to bed.


..nå Mona Lisa? Uuha... Så lad mig sætte det op sådan her: Vi befinder os i Vietnams jungle. Kuglerne flyver omkring ørerne på dig. Vietkonger og tigere slås om at tage dit liv. Hvem vil du helst have på din side: Mona Lisa... eller en indsatsgruppe bestående af B.S. Christiansen, Jean Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris. Mona Lisa hun sidder bare der og smiler yndigt. De andre de er trænede dræbere! Yndig model? Nej tak! Hensynsløsemordere? YES SIR

[ http://www.dr.dk/wulffmorgenthaler/ ]

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snif snif snif

Aug. 27., 2005 | 10:28 pm
mood: infuriatedinfuriated
music: bloc party / banquet

my head hurts and my nose hurts and my ear hurts. even my hair hurts. i think. i'm feeling so sick right now. and the pressure in my head is definetely higher than it normally is. this can't possibly be healthy.

this weekend has just been a nightmare. first of all my new marni bag broke this friday on my way out. the handle just detached from the bag. it was odd and i was just staring at it for like 10 secs while it layed on the ground with dirt all over it. and it was not like i had overloaded or anything. i figured back then that i should drink my sorrows away and i suppose i had one too many of those mini baileys. i even made one of the freshmen cry because she spilled beer all over me. i don't even think i can recognize her again. oh well. i spent entire saturday being very hungover and feeling sorry for myself (i still do *hint hint*) and today i wrote the worst danish paper i've written for ages (even worse than the one about nuclear waste). i'll probably re-write it this week. i don't think there's much of a choice here.

i'm going to eat a frozen banana with chocolate on it now. i think that will make me feel better.

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anger management.

Aug. 19., 2005 | 05:42 pm
mood: crankycranky
music: nouvelle vague / guns of brixton

ok, i need to control myself. our cleaning lady put ALL (i have +15) of my petit bateau ts in the tumble dryer and they are now like a sz14 which is a bit unfortunate as they started out being a sz18. i hate when other people touch my stuff ! so tonight i'm going to drown my sorrows with ben&jerrys ice cream (about 3liters) and a stack of september magazines. maybe that will cheer me up.

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btw, this is my new boyfriend. handsome, no?

Aug. 19., 2005 | 12:59 am
mood: blahblah
music: kent / dom andra

somehow that colgate smile just appeal to me.

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Hva så kælling - ska du ha en smirnoff ice?

Aug. 19., 2005 | 12:52 am
mood: creative. but not.
music: cat power / speak for me

So, it's finally here! MMS, Mettes Secret Service. I guarantee candy, cake or anything sweet really within 20min if you live within 6km from me. If you don't that's too bad, but of course I could express mail you some super duper salty liqourice.

Price: 75kr/hour + cost of cake/candy/anything sweet's.

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ingen kvaler, far betaler !

Aug. 16., 2005 | 11:41 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

i'm back in school. i just survived my third day and i'm already thinking about committing suicide and which way is most effective. the truth is that i'm blacklisted in the book cellar. somehow i managed to get those books anyway but next summer when i'm finished with high school they're probably going to question how 17 books can be missing when i only received 12 at the start of the year.

also, the first year students are bothering me. not only are their music taste worse than mine was when i was 8 ,the amount of matching gucci logo caps and belts is making me want to go blind. and i think i'm the only one who has those desires. the boys are happy to see some new meat. i'm just happy to be finished with math and physics. never ever again am i going to touch those gross subjects.

maybe i should quit school and become a travel writer. most definetely more interesting than advanced level society class.

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in search of: starbucks mug !

Aug. 4., 2005 | 07:01 am
mood: fullfull

yes, it's kind of urgent. my best friend at home, maya, was born to love starbucks and i didn't remember to buy her the merchandise i know she'd love (i'm such a good and concerning friend, i know - it's in my nature - really). i hope i can get it tomorrow in the seattle airport or i'm pretty much screwed. right?

anyways, this is my last night in the USA for now. from an overall perspective it's been a nice vacation but i'm completely and absolutely tired of my mother. I NEED DISTANCE! plus, i miss my cd collection and my own computer so bad it's almost ridiculous. it's going to be hard to leave this gorgeous suite behind me though. i think i'm addicted. i'm going to be craving a hottub, the fresh fruit breakfast, the san francisco view and the handmade chocolates on my pillow every night when i get home. i know it's a different thing but i'll miss the marc jacobs store as well. netaporter just doesn't do it for me.

i think i said i'd explain the cat story earlier so here goes: a couple of nights ago we we're in venice beach, LA where there's a psychic on every street corner -ish. i wasn't exactly intruiged or anything but i found it quite hilarious that a man had a cat that he claimed was psychic so i decided to give it a go. apparently the cat wasn't really in the mood for a psychic reading or doing those tarot cards but it did give me some advice i'd definetely go with. now, listen good: you'll do well in stocks - not in real estate. why thank you for the advice mr. psychic cat. well, i did think of placing some money in a miu miu cashmere cardigan but i suppose i'll leave the stocks for my dad. i don't think it's something to be found in genes.

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why don't you ask the psycic cat?

Aug. 3., 2005 | 07:24 am
mood: relaxedrelaxed

ok, guess where i am at this very second.

correct: king suite marriot san francisco wearing the comfiest hotel robe in modern history. and it feels gooood and completely fantastic. i just enjoyed some strawberry lemonade, some dark 70% chocolate and the newest issue of i-D in the hottub. i don't think i've been this clean since i spend three days in lalandia when i was ten. the best of it? that it only costs about $100 per night (thanks to dad and his good connections). i think i could stay in this suite forever.

we left LA today and my final impression of the city wasn't too bad after all. we did some shopping last monday and i finally got what i was looking for -- gorgeous shoes. or i suppose it's sandals. these beauties from miu miu that i've been drooling over since last october and searching for since february. even 50% off. fred segal though, disappointed big time. what crap - and not even one celeb sighting. we also went to jetrag on la brea on sunday. the 1$ sale was quite a mess and i gave up after what . 30 sec? i think. got a gorgeous leather clutch and some silver ballet flats for less than $20 and i consider that to be a bargain.

i think i should go to bed with my 30th floor view right at this moment and I'll tell about the psycic cat next time i manage to pull myself together to make another entry. instead of me talking more about nothing i'll give you the shoooes instead. if we have shoes like these why do we need boyfriends?


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